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Founded in 1986, Muller & Phipps (M&P) has since evolved to become Pakistan’s most trusted courier service, with a network of over 1600 domestic and international delivery locations. M&P Tracking keeps you updated with the delivery status of your package.

Muller & Phipps has built a nationwide infrastructure that provides economical courier services to millions of Pakistanis and international customers, delivering more than 20 million goods annually.

Building a more connected world, according to M&P, implies improved prospects for everyone. As a result, they have focused their efforts on developing long-term supply chain solutions that address the different needs and requirements of the global community.

M&P helps customers overcome barriers and achieve their goals with comfort and confidence, from cool-chain storage, warehousing, and inventory management for corporate clients to small-scale delivery solutions for everyday life.

M&P Courier Services

From overnight delivery to International delivery, M&P Courier is undoubtedly providing a number of services. All the services can be specified for special precautions in case of fragile/expensive items. For tracking M&P, go to the link at the end of this post.

M&P Same Day Delivery

Arrival of items within 24 hours.

M&P offers same-day delivery services in select areas to ensure that your items arrive within 24 hours.

M&P Same Day Delivery allows you to deliver papers and items to locations inside your city on the same working day. This service is available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

With M&P Same Day Delivery, you can send shipments of any weight or size to any place within your city, while providing special care for valuable or fragile items, as well as sensitive documents, if necessary.

The same-day delivery service is available for all weight and size categories including My Flyer (small, medium, large) and My Box (1 – 30 KG).

M&P provides special delivery options used to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination without delay throughout the weekend/Sunday or Festive or Religious Holidays.

M&P My Box

My Box is categorized based on weight capacity with 1 KG, 2 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG, 10 KG, 20 KG, and 30 KG variations available for use.

If you need to send shipments weighing between 1 and 30 KG, the M&P My Box service is the right choice for you. The M&P branded MyBox offers a safe and convenient option to transport packages across 1600+ destinations within 24 to 48 hours, with numerous size categories and box sizes.

The MyBox service, built with strong and durable materials, provides packaging solutions that are customized to fit your size and weight needs for optimal protection and convenience.

Customers can choose to pair My Box with overnight express, same-day, and special delivery services depending on their requirements. Overnight Delivery is the standard mode for My Box.

M&P My Flyer

My Flyer shipments are hand-carried and treated with special precaution to protect fragile and expensive objects and to ensure that documents are not damaged.

The M&P MyFlyer service is best for fragile/expensive little products and documents that require special treatment and hand-carry service.

Before the M&P MyFlyer service, sending small goods, packages, and papers throughout Pakistan was never easier. My Flyer is designed to provide optimum protection and convenience for your deliveries while reducing the time and effort involved in sending tiny products or papers.

Depending on the items, you can choose from three sizes (small, medium, and large) using MyFlyer to best match your requirements.

Whether you’re delivering fragile or expensive things that need extra care or crucial and sensitive documents, the M&P MyFlyer service has a solution for you.

The M&P MyFlyer service ensures that fragile and sensitive things like electronics, accessories, and papers arrive in perfect condition.

For tracking M&P My Flyer, visit our tracking page. Link is given at the bottom of this post.

M&P Overnight Delivery

M&P Overnight Delivery ensures that your shipments are delivered to their destination over the next working day. this means that your shipment will reach its destination within 24-48 hours.

Whether you want to send a parcel to a loved one in a timely manner or ensure that your items reach clients as soon as possible, M&P overnight delivery service cuts the time in half. Overnight delivery service, which is available for all package kinds and weight categories, provides priority next-day delivery across all regions (except rural areas).

M&P also provides value-added services for valuable and fragile objects & sensitive papers, ensuring package arrival in perfect shape.

You can also use Cash-On-Delivery (COD) service to take payments from consumers without having to register. Hence, allowing you to extend your business across the country with simplicity.

Note: The service does not apply to documents sent for attestation, which takes 4 to 5 days, and is distinct from same-day delivery, which is only accessible in a few cities (Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore) for within-city destinations.

M&P Second Day

Ship goods and parcels across Pakistan in 48 to 72 hours.

The second-day delivery service is M&P’s most popular and cost-effective service. It allows you to ship goods and parcels across Pakistan in 48 to 72 hours.

Send shipments and documents to over 1600 locations, with particular handling and measures for fragile or expensive things or sensitive papers.

This service is the best option for shipments that don’t require delivery right away. Shipped within 48 to 72 hours of booking due to its extremely low rates and other value-added services.

Note: Available for all weight and size categories, including MyFlyer (small, medium, large) and My Box (1 – 30 KG).

M&P International Delivery

M&P delivers your shipments in a safe, secure, and timely manner to over 210 destinations.

Proudly, P&P has aided Pakistani citizens in delivering their cargo around the world. It delivers your shipments in a safe, secure, and timely manner to over 210 destinations. M&P employees commit to improving their operations, leveraging technological innovations, and giving their customers an even better experience that meets their various demands.

The company is offering International Doc & International Non-Doc to its International shippers. These shipments are sent via My Box, Brown Box & My Flyer. M&P tracking for International Delivery is also available online.

M&P Value Added Service

Well, surprisingly M&P’s services do not end there. They are providing a whole lot of Value Added Services.

  • Cellophane Wrapping
  • Brown Box Facility
  • Special Handling

M&P Logistics

M&P has got it all covered from carrying your finished goods to one place from another, warehousing, tagging, packing & sorting, and delivering it to your end consumer in time and with absolute reliability.

Fleet Management

The company delivers more than just a fleet of company-owned vehicles; it also provides an expert team that collaborates directly with you to design tailored, customer-centric tactics that help you make the best first impression possible. M&P also provides customized automobiles to meet your specific requirements and commercial requirements. This includes providing tracker-equipped vehicles throughout Pakistan with drivers who have received specific training from the motorway police.

M&P Warehousing

The warehouses of M&P store products and raw materials across the country. M&P’s strategically located facilities are dedicated & shared with clients to provide operational solutions, manpower growth, and the ability to capitalize on peak and seasonal demand.

M&P Reverse Logistics

If the end consumer needs are unmet after product delivery, M&P is also capable of handling the bring-it-back side of the business. This includes complaints and warranty claims.

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