Call Courier – Cash on Delivery & a Unique COD Portal

Call Courier is a Pakistani courier and logistics company owned by Excel Group of Companies. It was established in 2003 with an aim to serve the needs of millions of people across the nation, apart from the corporate world. Initially, it started with 18 offices in Pakistan, but gradually got expanded across the country.

To increase operating efficiency and productivity, Call Courier employs cutting-edge electronic information solutions such as Android-based real-time delivery, web tracking, and geolocation tagging.

Although, the company is not the most used courier & logistics company in Pakistan. However, Call Courier is still increasing its customer base along with offices in multiple cities, gradually.

Call Courier Services

The company is offering a bunch of services. Call Courier is thriving hard to compete with other competitor companies in the country.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

The hottest & most liked service by the customers

Just like any other courier company, the hottest and in demand service provided by Call Courier is COD.

The demand for safe and secure delivery of purchased things to the buyer’s doorstep is expanding in tandem with the growth of online shopping trends. Payment is only taken at the time of delivery. The ONLINE STORE can pick and choose from CALLCOURIER’s numerous capabilities to create a Service Package Plan that best meets its needs.

COD service can be tracked online & has a swift 24-48 hours delivery timespan. The company is also offering a web & mobile based tracking system. To track your orders click on the link at the end of this post. COD service also has an SMS alert system enabled for the convenience of its customers. In addition, the customers can also provide special handling instructions for fragile articles.

COD has a dedicated customer support available at all times. The customer support can be reached at 042111786227

COD Portal

Customers can check their order history, deliveries, shipments etc online by signing up to the portal. Once you have an account, you can log in to do multiple things on the online portal. Please click on the following link to visit COD Portal.

E-Comm Solutions

Call Courier is providing one of the finest E-Comm solutions out there. The company also claims that it is the most economical solution in the market. The company has affiliation with some renowned clothing brand names in the country. Namely: Khaadi, Chinyere, Sapphire, Ethnic and a lot more.

Let CC make your website along with developing the product line. It also offers shipping & handling of your products. Moreover, Communication management, providing customer support and customer service, stock management, order management & tracking are some of the key features offered by Call Courier.

International Delivery

Although this service is not the strongest trait of the company, still Call Courier is offering worldwide delivery. International Delivery charges depend on the weight and the country of delivery. The list of countries along with rates can be confirmed by calling the helpline number listed below.

Domestic Rates/Tariffs

The domestic rates are listed in the table below.

WeightWithin CitySame ProvinceDifferent Province
250 grams45 PKR85 PKR105 PKR
500 grams45 PKR95 PKR135 PKR
1 KG75 PKR125 PKR155 PKR
Additional KG40 PKR80 PKR90 PKR

Call Courier Tracking

Customer are provided by tracking ID via SMS and email once they have sent the package. To track your orders online, please visit the following link

Call Courier Helpline

The helpline number for Call Courier is 042111786227

To contact via email: [email protected]

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