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Pakistan Post Office is a Pakistani-government-owned company that offers a wide range of postal products and services. It is the most important national postal communication service, tying the country with a large number of people together. It is dedicated to serving everyone, every day, wherever, and is a worthy icon of the federation.

Previously known as the Department of Post & Telegraph, Pakistan Post Office is one of the oldest government departments. It was established as an independent attached department of the Ministry of Communications in 1962, after being detached from the Telegraph and Telephone. Launched with 3036 post offices in 1947, it has now expanded to 13419 post offices.

Pakistan Post Office has 13,419 post offices, 76 General Post Offices (GPOs), 48 District Mail Offices (DMOs), and three Offices of Exchange, as well as central administrative facilities in Islamabad and Lahore.

With around 49,502 employees, it is one of Pakistan’s largest employers. Similarly, It offers a wide range of banking, life insurance, and other public services in addition to regular postal services. PPO offers a wide range of products and services to meet the personal and business needs of people from all walks of life.

Pakistan Post Express Post Services

The government-owned company is offering a bunch of express post services.

Urgent Mail Service (UMS)

Pakistan Post Urgent Mail Service is the cheapest service out of all the courier companies – starting at 51 PKR only!

Urgent Mail Service (UMS) is a rapid, dependable, efficient, and secure overnight/2nd day home delivery service with the most extensive network for document and parcel delivery. It can be tracked online.

Pakistan Post UMS consists of UMS Local, UMS City to City, and UMS Counter Collection. The maximum weight allowed for UMS is 30 KG. Moreover, the length and width of the UMS item should not exceed 2 meters.

Pakistan Post UMS also provides pickup & credit facilities.

By completing a registration form, all bulk customers, including commercial organizations, institutions, and also international corporations, can receive pick-up and credit services. The local G.P.O. / Express Post Centre will offer all required information and will assist you in completing all registration processes.

Following registration, Express Post Pick Up Couriers will visit registered customers’ offices on a daily basis, according to a pre-arranged schedule. For registered customers, an emergency on-call pick-up service is also available. Monthly billing with payment due within 7 days of receipt of the bill.

UMS Tariff in grams is listed below

Service TypeRate upto 250 gmRate upto 500 gmRate per additional 500 gm
UMS (Local)51 PKR64 PKR26 PKR
UMS (City to City)86 PKR132 PKR43 PKR
UMS Rates

For discounted tariffs, corporate and bulk customers can contact local Postal Officers.

GST is as follows:

  • Islamabad: 16%
  • KPK: 15%
  • Punjab: 16%
  • Sindh: 13%
  • Balochistan: 15%

Urgent Mail Service (UMS) – Cash on Delivery

The COD system is designed to suit the needs of individuals and businesses who want to pay for products provided to them at the time of receipt, as well as traders and others who want to recover the value of articles supplied by them through the post office.

One of the most promising services given by electronic media and websites involved in online buying and selling is the “Cash on Delivery” service. As we all know, the concept of electronic media and online purchasing is growing in popularity with each passing day, and providing such services is becoming increasingly crucial. Despite the fact that internet shopping is becoming more popular, Pakistan has yet to fully embrace the online buying and selling trend.

As a result, in order to acquire the confidence of postal clients and capture market share, UMS launched a Cash on Delivery service called “UMS COD,” which uses the company’s well-established and wide network of postal shops. The UMS Cash on Delivery (COD) service is now available at 226 sites across the UMS network.

Packets, parcels, and printed documents prepaid with UMS fee postage may be sent by inland post as COD products providing the sum stated for remittance to the sender does not exceed 100,000/- PKR. The maximum weight limit is 30 KG. The UMS COD service is available across 226 cities.

The sum specified by the sender for remittance to himself plus a charge computed at the rate of UMO commission as shown below on the amount specified for remittance to the sender will be the amount to be recovered from the recipient. When the money owed to the addressee is collected, the quantity due to the sender will be refunded to him via a UMO.

CategoryValueFee/Commission Rates
UMO (Local)Upto 10,000 PKR135 PKR
UMO (Local)Above 10,000 to 20,000 PKR160 PKR
UMO (Local)Above 20,000 to 50,000 PKR185 PKR
UMO (Local)Above 50,000 to 100,000 PKR210 PKR
UMO (City to City)Upto 10,000 PKR175 PKR
UMO (City to City)Above 10,000 to 20,000 PKR200 PKR
UMO (City to City)Above 20,000 to 50,000 PKR225 PKR
UMO (City to City)Above 50,000 to 100,000250 PKR

Express Mail Service (EMS)

A genuinely worldwide, quick, and cost-effective solution for document/merchandise delivery

Express Mail Service (EMS) is available from major domestic locations in 104 countries around the world for quick transmission and delivery of postal articles. EMS can be used to send documents, packets, and parcels.

Furthermore, EMS also provides fast and reliable deliveries and helps with custom clearance. It dispatches directly for most of the countries where the government takes the liability in case of loss. The packages can be tracked globally. Moreover, EMS also provides pick-up facilities for its bulk customers.

However, The maximum weight for an EMS item is 30 KG, with a maximum length of 1.5 meters for any one dimension.

Items requiring custom inspection

  • All outbound EMS items are then subjected to Customs examination and clearance and must comply with local export regulations as well as import regulations in the destination country.
  • A properly completed Customs declaration must accompany each item containing goods or merchandise.
  • The contents of each such item must be detailed and prominently displayed on the customs declaration.

EMS Compensation & Complaint

In the event of an established loss of an EMS article due to the Post’s fault, the liability will be accepted and compensation made commensurate with the actual loss to the maximum extent. If a complaint regarding loss, or non-delivery of an EMS item is preferred to the office concerned within 30 days of an article, the liability will be accepted and compensation made commensurate with actual loss to the maximum extent of the following limits:-

  • For an item containing only documents: 30 SDR
  • For an item containing other items: 130 SDR
EMS Country List and Tariff Rates

The list of 104 countries and their rates is given in the table below.

Revised EMS Tariff Effective: 1st Feb, 2019

S.NoName of countryFirst 500 gmAdditional. 500 gm
5Austria 3,010265
10Bhutan -Doc
Bhutan – Mer
Bhutan – Mer2,450240
12Bosnia & Herzegovina2,750305
15Brazil 2,960110
16Cayman Island3,040730
18Costa Rica3,340790
19Cote d’Ivoire2,690435
20Croatia – Doc2,040265
Croatia – Mer2,480265
23Czech Rep2,490270
29Ghana – Doc2,890420
Ghana – Mer
32Guinea Bissau2,820545
40Korea Rep – Doc1,740295
Korea Rep – Mer2,080295
43Lao, PDR3,090215
49Mali 2,440595
55Niger – Doc2,120700
Niger – Mer2,560700
59Philippines – Doc1,750305
Philippines – Mer2,420305
65Sierra Leone-Doc1,980305
Sierra Leone-Mer2,310305
66Singapore 2,850290
69Sri Lanka – Doc1,690155
Sri Lanka – Mer
72Syrian Arab Rep2,380180
74Thailand  – Doc1,950190
Thailand – Mer2,170190
75The Ex-Yugoslav Rep of Macedonia 2,930360
77Tunisia 2,520300
82Viet Nam2,430220
88Germany – Doc2,770300
Germany – Mer
89Hong Kong – Doc2,460250
Hong Kong – Mer3,130295
91Indonesia – Doc1,960345
Indonesia – Mer2,290345
92Japan – Doc2,170445
Japan – Mer2,610445
95Saudi Arabia2,630240
96South Africa3,180575
100Australia 2,770750
101Iran 2,630200
102New Zealand2,530860
103Russian Fed2,140480
104USA 3,2201,025
EMS countries list

EMS Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for EMS are as follows:

  • The complete mailing address should be written/typed in a precise and clean manner.
  • On the item to be sent, the sender’s phone number and address may also be included.
  • Each item must be properly packed and sealed, taking into account the weight, shape, and nature of the contents, as well as the means of transportation and duration of the journey.
  • Each item must be then wrapped and sealed such that it does not endanger the handling officials or cause damage to other mail/postal equipment.

However, the Items containing goods or merchandise require custom clearance.

  • All outbound EMS items are subject to Customs examination and clearance and must comply with local export regulations as well as import regulations in the destination country.
  • A properly completed Customs declaration for each item containing commodities or merchandise.
  • The contents of each such item must be detailed and prominently displayed on the customs declaration.

Express Mail Service Plus

Pakistan Post has created a new product for export sector companies (small and medium enterprises) as well as fast, reliable, and cost-effective document transmission. EMS Plus, is a new time-sensitive offering that provides end-to-end tracking to Pakistan Post’s valued clients.

  • The service is offered in major cities and connects the United States to 173 nations across the world.
  • The maximum weight is 30 KG.
  • Highly reliable & secure. Moreover, in case of loss compensation is guaranteed up to 100 USD.
  • Within 72 hours delivery in major cities.
  • Online and also end-to-end tracking.
  • This service is fast and extremely economical.

Fax Mail Service (FMS)

Fax Mail Service was created in the country to satisfy the modern requirements of speedy communication across short and long distances. Documents up to the size of A-4, which is 210 millimeters by 297 millimeters, are accepted for transmission using Fax Mail Service.

However, each page of a letter or each page of a document up to A-4 size shall be paid in cash for each page of the Fax Mail Service booking tariff, as described below:

Entire Country RateIslamabad to Rawalpindi Rate
35 PKR20 PKR

Pakistan Post – Same Day Delivery

With Same Day Delivery, Pakistan Post delivers articles on the day of booking.

The rates for Same Day Delivery Service (SDDS) are listed below:

Customer TypeWeight Rate
Corporate CustomerUpto 0.5 KG76 PKR + 17% GST
Corporate CustomerAdditional 500 grams25 PKR + 17% GST
Regular CustomerUpto 0.5 KG128 PKR + 17% GST
Regular CustomerAddditional 500 grams42 PKR + 17% GST

Pakistan Post Helpline

For complaints and suggestions, the contact numbers are listed below

  • 051-111-111-117
  • 051-8487080
  • 051-8840360
  • 051-9102440

Complaints can also be registered via online.

To track your Pakistan Post Parcel, visit Pakistan Post Tracking

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