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Since 1945, trade in goods and services has been attracted to Georgia’s ports, which has boosted the local economy and benefited all Georgians. The Georgia Ports Authority is dedicated to providing 9.7 million Georgians with possibilities for trade and employment as well as one of the nation’s most dependable and legal port facilities. The GPA is dedicated to preserving its competitive edge by developing cutting-edge technologies in marketing and logistics in order to deliver freight more quickly. The authorities are working very hard to determine what has to be done immediately to ensure future development, effectiveness, and safety.

The state’s boundaries are the principal docks at Savannah and Brunswick, as well as the inland locations at Chatsworth, Bainbridge, and Columbus. They are the vital conduits that transport everything, including raw materials, to and from sites all over the world. The GPA is supervised by a 13-member executive board that acts as a governmental authority. The president appoints board members to staggered four-year terms. Implementing policy goals, administrative tasks, and administrative controls is the responsibility of the chief executive officer who is an expert in international freight.

The GPA has over 1,300 competent logistics experts working for one of the largest public employers in the state. On the other hand, the GPA is in control of far greater employment growth across the state. GPA firms provide more than $25 billion in yearly income, nearly 440,000 jobs countrywide, and $106 billion in sales when combined with private sector port-related sectors. The Port of Savannah, the largest single carrier facility in North America, is made up of two modern Deepwater terminals: Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal. These facilities show the GPA’s stringent production and quality standards when taken as a whole. Garden City Terminal is the fourth-largest container processing complex in the US, with more than 1,200 acres and millions of tonnes of container-based freight transported yearly.

Garden City Terminal Phone Number:

Phone Support number: 912.963.5502
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 2 Main St, Garden City GA 31408, USA
Operated By: Georgia Ports Authority

Garden City Terminal Vessel Schedule

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