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Qatar Post Contact Number

You can call Customers Service at

Business Hours

Sunday – Thursday: Sunday – Thursday – 7 am to 9 pm

Saturday: Saturday – 8am to 11am / 5pm to 8pm

Friday: Closed

QPost Branch Locator

In order to offer public inquiry services, Qatar Postal Service Company (Qatar Post) formed its Customer Service department in 2001. Your questions will be answered by a team of skilled employees.

Customer Services can provide the following information:

  • Inquires about posting parcels.
  • Questions about regular postal products.
  • Inquiries about the times for sending mail.
  • Questions about PO Box Subscription.
  • Postage tariff questions (local & international).
  • Information about money transfers.
  • Offers a service for redirecting
  • Oversees the standard of service provided to clients.
  • Keeps in constant contact with clients and businesses.
  • Handles issues and complaints.
  • Providing a franking machine.

Business development activities:

  • Premium Postal Service in Qatar.
  • Postal service to business addresses.
  • Advertising for more PO Boxes to separate mail.
  • Dissemination of bulk mail.
  • Provision of personalized postal items.
  • Distribution and supply of greeting cards.
  • Cancellation of Letters Service.
  • Display Boards, Banner Advertising, and Product Display.
  • Rental of office space.
  • Internet site marketing.

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Qatar Post Home Collection Service

If you wish to send letters or packages abroad, it is a fantastic option for you. Your things will be picked up from the place of your choice and transported internationally utilizing our shipping services.

Features and Benefits


Your package will be kept secure and sealed thanks to the home collection service.


Between Saturday and Thursday, we provide a pick-up service from your front door.


Using our global shipping services, you may send packages to more than 190 nations.


There is a fee of QAR 25 for Home Collection Service, in addition to the shipping charges

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Dangerous Goods

We limit or forbid certain products from using our network in order to adhere to national and international laws governing the transportation of mail and guarantee that mail in transit does not pose a threat to the general public.

We want to make sure that everyone’s mail is secure. According to transportation law, several commonplace things like aerosols, nail polish, and fragrances are classified as hazardous commodities.

For more details please click to see a list of prohibited items.